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November 2013
rije Entertainment - SIGNS TO REPRESENT TV PILOT!
Alebrije's CEO, a previous VP at 20th Century Fox, who formed his own company, has signed to represent Robin Sen Enterprises' explosive TV Pilot script and series proposal to the major television Networks, Pay TV and Digital Content producers.  Stay tuned as developments occur!

January 2013
Julio Bove of Bosco Entertainment has signed an agreement with Robin Sen Enterprises Ltd. to option his horror script.  Discussions are in the works with international and local financiers and an interested Director.  Updates to come.

September 2011

Two independent Feature Film Producers for a horror film have asked Robin Sen Enterprises to direct the finale segment for their film.  Shooting is complete and principle photography has wrapped for the segment.  Editing has commenced.  Stay tuned for updates!


November 2010
Another Writing Assignment "In the Works" - DETAILS FORTHCOMING!  
Several of Robin's scripts are being evaluated by a Producer/Director/FX expert, including Robin's horror script titled The Aura, as discussions have begun regarding several project.  Stay tuned for updates!

December 2009
With Movie Central and Telefilm Canada 
already participating, British Columbia Film joins the team funding Honor Camp's development.  Stay tuned for production details as Really Real Films leads Robin Sen's script Honor Camp towards production in 2010!


After completing production of their APTN television pilot Wolf Canyon, Producer Cynde Harmon of Really Real Films has extended their contract with Robin Sen Enterprises Ltd., now focusing on the final financing stages of Robin's feature drama/thriller script Honor Camp.

Movie CentralMarch 2009
Corus Entertainment - COMES ABOARD!
Corus Entertainment / Movie Central has agreed to come aboard for additional funding for the development phase of Honor Camp as Really Real Films heralds the project toward slated 2010 production.  Movie Central is Western Canada's ultimate uncut and commercial-free entertainment channel offering hundreds of movies a month. More >>

April 2008
Telefilm Canada announces that Robin's feature script Honor Camp will receive financing from the development component of the Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF).  Producer Cynde Harmon of Really Real Films submitted Honor Camp to Telefilm as part of it's financing strategy to bring Honor Camp to full production.  Updates forthcoming. 
More >>

April 2008
Robin Sen Enterprises - HIRED!
Robin Sen Enterprises Ltd. has entered a deal with Captures Entertainment and New York producer Bill Cowell to polish Capture's horror script Evil's Den, slated for development.  Robin's services were requested based on the strength of writing on his horror spec script: Spectrum.

January 2007
"Honor Camp" - RE-OPTIONED!
Robin's 104-page psychological/suspense thriller feature script Honor Camp, previously optioned, has been re-optioned by producer Cynde Harmon of Really Real Films.  Director Allan Harmon (Trust, Afghan Knights, Andromeda) is slated to direct.  Really Real Films is a feature film and television production company based in Vancouver, BC, that develops, finances and produces independent film and television projects for the domestic and international marketplace.

January 2007
LA Based Entertainment Lawyer - REPRESENTS ROBIN SEN
Robin has signed with Attorney at Law, Marcia L. Daley for legal representation. 
Ms. Daley handles entertainment, business, and intellectual property matters.  A graduate of Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, Ms. Daley is a member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and of the Intellectual Property Sections of the California and Los Angeles County Bar Associations.  As production counsel for Universal Studios, Ms. Daley was the lead attorney on major productions such as Cat In The Hat,Undercover Brother, and Curious George.

December 2006
Political Action-Thriller - DELIVERED
Announced -- Robin has completed a political action-thriller with a producer and is now actively working on an edited draft. The script, based on a real-life historical event has a title that is under wraps.  The initial draft was delivered just prior to Christmas.  Robin Sen Enterprises Ltd. signed with the producer to create this historical piece.  Updates forthcoming.

December 2006 
Script Advances to Semi
-finalist Round  in Competition!
Robin's action/political-thriller script titled The Carrier has been named a Semi-Finalist in the Writer's Network Screenplay and Fiction Competition advancing from the quarter-finalist round.  It now advances to the Finalist round.

November 2006
Robin Sen Enterprises Ltd. Signs With Producer

Announced -- Robin Sen Enterprises Ltd. signs with a producer to develop a political action-thriller script based on a real-life historical event.  The title for this project is as yet unreleased.  Development continues...updates forthcoming.

October 2006
Quarter-finalist in Competition!
Robin's animated family feature film and his action/political-thriller script titled The Carrier
both have been named quarter-finalists in the Writer's Network Screenplay and Fiction Competition.  They now advance to the Semi-Finalist round

September 2006
Animated Feature

Robin's recently completed script, an animated family feature film is currently being marketed to production companies for consideration.  Further information forthcoming...

December 2005
Press Announcement - "Honor Camp" Optioned
A major industry screenwriting website has announced the option of Robin Sen's 104-page psychological/suspense thriller feature script Honor Camp
More >>

November 2005
Robin Sen Enterprises Ltd. Signs Option
Robin Sen Enterprises Ltd. signs an option deal with Iconic Matters Inc. and Binoir Films Inc. to seek financing and produce the psychological/suspense thriller feature script Honor Camp. This story about survival tracks the struggles a street-wise teen must endure to save his own life when he is forced to use the survival skills taught to him by a boot camp for troubled youths when he stumbles upon another boy's murder and the group's dark secret.

Canadian Producer Developing World War II Script
A Canadian Producer has been working with Robin Sen to develop an "under-the-wraps" titled dramatic screenplay about a World War II hero that changed the course of the war and history itself.

Currently, Robin is in the mid-stages of collaborating on a sci-fi /dramatic television series.  Three new feature film screenplays are also in various stages of a first draft: one, a dark dramatic-thriller, the second, a drama-comedy feature script about 4 coworkers whose friendships change when they go on a life-altering business trip, and an "as-yet-to-be-named" comedy about marriage, relationships and therapists.

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Robin Sen - Honor Camp

Feature: Honor Camp
(above) Concept art commissioned by Really Real Films for Honor Camp, Robin Sen Enterprises' re-optioned psychological/ suspense thriller feature script about a street-wise teen who, to save his own life, is forced to use the survival skills taught to him by a boot camp for troubled youths when he stumbles upon another boy's murder and the group's dark secret.


Feature: All That Is Hidden
All That Is Hidden is directed by producer-writers Sheldon Inkol and David Scott,  under their company banner: Sadistic Idiots Ltd.   Sheldon and David bring years of professional film industry experience together to now collaborate producing a marketable, entertaining showpiece that highlights their various talents.  All That Is Hidden stars newcomers Bret Ootes, Megan Vincent, Heather Ann Ross, Kerry Prunskus, Lindsay Leighton, Terry Cooke, R.J. Parrish, Christopher Mott, Erez Bowers and Patrick Gorny.  The crew includes Director of Photography: Gwen Zezulka and Associate Producer/1st Assistant Director: Robin Sen.

November, 2009
All That Is Hidden continues being edited and is in post-production.  Additional segments to be shot will be announced shortly. 

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