- Basement Sequence -

Director of Photography Gwen Zezulka composing a frame for the "Basement Sequence."

Actress Heather Ann Ross (Gail) in full zombie makeup.

Actress Megan Vincent (Jane)  investigates noises in the basement with a shotgun at hand.

Co-Writer-Producer-Director and SFX Makeup Specialist David Scott adjusts zombie appliance on actress Heather Ann Ross.

Actress Kerry Colleen being prepped in zombie makeup.

Director of Photography Gwen Zezulka and Co-Writer-Producer-Director David Scott discuss a shot.

Actress Kerry Colleen in zombie appliance waits between takes.

Another photo of Heather Ann Ross (Gail) as "the undead."

production stills - December 2005

Company: Sadistic Idiots Ltd.
Executive Producer: Louise Macintosh
Executive Producer: Marilyn Scott
Producers: David Scott and Sheldon Inkol
Associate Producers: Robin Sen and Patrick Gorny
Directors: David Scott, Sheldon Inkol and Robin Sen
Writers: David Scott and Sheldon Inkol
Director of Photography: Gwen Zezulka
Production Manager/1st AD: Robin Sen
Sound Mixer (Forest Sequence): Tony Shillolo
Makeup Design: Traci Loader
Hair Design: Josie Stewart
Swing Hair/Makeup: Korina Murphy
Wardrobe Asst.: Cher Thorenton
SFX Makeup Wrangler/Asst.: Patrick Gorny
Fight Choreographer: Todd Campbell
Assistant Fight Choreographer: Kevin Robinson
Assistant Fight Choreographer: Casey Hudecki
Animal Wrangler: Susan Creighton
Catering: Dianne and Marilyn Scott

Brother Knight-at-Arms Simon: Bret Ootes
Brother Knight-at-Arms Thomas: Christopher Mott
Brother Sergeant-at-Arms Matthew: Patrick Gorny
Brother In-Arms James: Erez Bowers
Jane Palmer: Megan Vincent
Sharon Palmer: Kerry Prunskus
Gail: Heather Ann Ross
Rachel: Lindsay Leighton
Older Woman: Terry Cooke
Young Man: R.J. Parrish
Roger Keith: Russell Cate
Truck Driver: Alan Scott
Fiend: David Scott

May, 2006

All That Is Hidden completes pick-up shots for the forest sequence in Port Elgin, Ontario.  Development of the next sequence and editing commences shortly on this dark, horror-thriller independent feature.

March, 2006

"The Knights Sequence," set in the 1300's comprises of shooting in Newmarket and Port Elgin, Ontario.  Period costumes, props and weaponry were painstakingly hand produced over hundreds of hours piecing together chain mail, assembling and fabricating detailed crossbows, broadswords and armor. This sequence prepped in January-February and shoots mid-March with the next sequence slated for late spring 2006. 

December, 2005

The "Basement Sequence" of All That Is Hidden includes detailed corpse and zombie SFX Makeup by renowned Toronto-based Prosthetic Makeup Designer/SFX Makeup Specialist and Co-Director, David Scott. Shooting goes on hiatus for the Christmas holidays after finishing the "Basement Sequence"  in Toronto, Ontario.  The next "Exterior Winter" sequence preps in January of 2006 and is slated to commence shooting in March of 2006. 

November, 2005

All That Is Hidden completes shooting initial "Forest Sequences," exterior "Shack Sequence" and "Driving Sequences" in Port Elgin, Ontario.  Additional days in Port Elgin included an interior "Shack Sequence."  Ongoing shooting of the next sequences continues throughout November, December, and into January and February of 2006.




photo of   

photo of

 "Young Man"