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what the insiders are saying...

SCREENPLAY:  Honor Camp (psychological/suspense thriller)
"I loved reading it and am very much looking forward to working on it. I think it will make a great film!" (Iconic Film staff)
"Thank you for submitting Scout's Honor (now titled Honor Camp - ed.) to...our Development Director. I wanted to
    personally respond to you and commend you on representing a fine writer. Robin's story was taut and filled with an
    intensity not enjoyed in many scripts that come our way."
(excerpt from Executive Producer/Prod-Co Owner)
"I just finished Scout's Honor  and thank you for a good read. You have a definite talent with creating tense moments
    within a plot that sustains the suspense throughout...I enjoyed your writing. Your character moments were right on
    for me..."
(excerpt from Development Executive)
"I read Honor Camp and quite enjoyed it…this is something that could fit in our development slate, so I am going to
   pass it on to the Director of Development for him to review...”
(excerpt from Creative Executive)
"...(your) scripts were well written..." (excerpt from Vice-President of production)
"...love your writing…"(excerpt from Development Executive)
"(Honor Camp) is in the good pile..." (excerpt from President of independent production company)
"We enjoyed reading Scout's Honor ..." (excerpt from Development Executive)
"We liked the script a lot." (excerpt from Development Executive)
"I love it! I would like to discuss the script and possible representation with you." (Robin Sen's Literary Agent)

SCREENPLAY:  The Impostor (comedy)
"I enjoyed The Impostor, and have since passed your loglines on to our feature side...thank you for submitting your
    excellent writing, Robin. Having read your screenplay, I am open to receiving any future submissions...further, I'd be
    happy to answer an questions you might have (and) I'll be happy to make a few calls on your behalf."
(excerpt from Development Executive)
"...saw 'experience in the writing'...keep in touch with future projects." (excerpt from Creative Executive)
"The Impostor is a creative story that needs the talents of a comedian who can impersonate several different tough
    Mafia voices...properly done the take is a small character piece and a perfect showcase for a budding comedian...I
    think this is a well written piece that needs the attachment of a talented up an coming comic to pull it off.  Keep in
    touch with me as
I'm going to make a few calls re: comedians."
(excerpt from Development Executive)
"My compliments to you on The Impostor.  I liked the premise and that's why I agreed to take a look."
(excerpt from Creative Executive)

SCREENPLAY:  The Carrier (action)
"...(your) material...has been submitted to us and favorably reviewed by our Literary Department…we liked The
as a concept...we think you have potential so let's keep a dialogue going..."
(excerpt from Talent Management Executive)

SCREENPLAY:  Mr. Customer Service (comedy)
▪ "Thanks for sending me Mr. Customer Service. As someone who used to work in retail and loves satires, I thought it
    was insightful and interesting."
(excerpt from Development Executive)
"Mr. Customer Service was a refreshing read for its coherence…" (excerpt from Literary Agent)

SCREENPLAY:  The Aura (supernatural-thriller/horror)
"...I love your writing style. You're quite good..." (excerpt from Industry Executive)
"...very well written and the story is very interesting..." (excerpt from Industry Executive)
"...intrigued by your premise...I liked the idea very much and your writing..." (excerpt from Industry Executive)

SCREENPLAY:  The Leper Colony (drama)
"...you are a beautiful writer...I love your writing!!!!!!!" (excerpt from Literary Agent)

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